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I'm Angie, founder of Creative Essence Digital Marketing

I understand you started your business because you have a passion.  Whether you’re a chef crafting the perfect dish, a real estate agent helping others find their ideal dream home or a consultant that is an expert at assisting others in achieving success in their niche, one thing is certain; you didn’t sign up to spend a good portion of your time creating content and keeping up to date on the latest digital marketing rules.
This is where I come in to help you take away the stress and pressure of social media. I love helping businesses take their online presence to the next level through strategic social media management, building genuine customer relationships, specially designed websites your clients can easily navigate, and an authentic brand that stands out above the rest.
I’ve been doing digital marketing for eight years, and it is my ultimate passion. I am continually learning and experimenting with keeping up to date with the latest trends and rules of the online marketplace. I love working with small businesses – especially local restaurants and those geared towards helping others! Please book a consultation today to see how I can take your business to the next level.